Graphic designer and artist Ben Vermaas was born in Stellenbosch, attended Paul Roos Gymnasium and studied economics as well as graphic and web design.

With an eye for clean, crisp design, colour, balance and light, his virtual designing soon evolved into an interest in fine arts. He started drawing in 2007 under the guidance of Pienaar van Niekerk and discovered oil painting soon after, with well-known artist Lorraine Blumer as his teacher and mentor.

He paints interiors with the precision and attention to detail of a graphic artist and portraits that display his talent with contours and shapes. His work brings warmth, light and feeling, spaces and faces that are both technically correct and emotionally alive.

His art has been selected and displayed at numerous exhibitions, including the Stellenbosch Art Society’s annual exhibition, and themed exhibitions in Paarl and Stilbay. His art has sold to collectors who watch and invest in emerging, trending artists.